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Ray Price wants his fans to know he's still around. The 87-year-old Country Music Hall of Famer is trying to dispel rumors that have cropped up claiming he's died. 

In a Facebook post, Price credits his fans' prayers for getting him through his current medical ordeal.  He's also asking "whoever is spreading this story" to "not rush" him, because "the end will come on its own soon enough." 

The singer's wife, Janie, explains that Ray's condition has actually "improved so much" that he's now out of the intensive care unit.  He was admitted to the ICU a few weeks ago after developing sepsis.  Janie says the treatment was effective, but the blood infection caused significant damage to Ray's kidneys.  She explains that Price is now staying at a physician supervised dialysis center so doctors can monitor his condition and see how well his kidneys are functioning. 

Price, who also has pancreatic cancer, began experiencing kidney problems following a bout of severe dehydration back in the spring.  The dehydration was attributed to a medication for his cancer, which Price has said is in remission. 

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