Casey Carter hosts the afternoon drive show on South 1061 (WSTH-FM) weekdays from 3-7pm. She's new to Columbus but was eager to jump into the community and proved it by quickly getting involved.

Day of Dance:

Casey is hosting a stage at the Columbus Regional Day of Dance promoting fitness and healthly living by getting women in the community up and moving. The event hopes to get women in the community aware of heart health for longer and more active lives.

Speaking of Active Women:

Casey has participated in too many 5k runs for charity to list but a few notables are the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and the American Diabetes Association 5K.

April Tornado Outbreak:

Casey was living in Birmingham on April 27, 2011 during the tornado breakout and was an active member of the community participating in food and beverage drives as well as fundraisers to help those impacted by the tornados.