Luke Combs Win over my heart again!

Lip Sync Battle!

Jeff Dunham!

Jason Aldean New Music Video!

Move Human Get Out the WAY!

Poor bird!!

One Last Wish..


Hey ya’ll! My name is Megan! I’m original from a good size town in Illinois (no it wasn’t Chicago). I ‘am a retired college volleyball player, and was blessed to come down to Georgia to play for two years. After that I went back up north to finish my degree but, I couldn’t stay away from the south, so I’m back again working for iHeart but, this time I brought my beautiful German Shepherd Charleigh with me and we are loving being down here in Columbus. Fun Facts about me:I love sports! I’ll stay true to my teams up north (Bears, Cardinals, and Blues) But, I do love me some BAMA football I might have only brought one dog with me but, I have all together 6 dogs ( yes I know, slight problem)Love coffee, country music, and clothes.Favorite foods include anything and everything ( Minus Peanut butter and Pineapples)I’m so excited to be apart of the iHeart family! Call or email me I would love to hear from you!!


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