Do You Hate The Same Food As Everyone Else In Georgia?

Woman standing in front of opened fridge and holding up to her nose.

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Picky eaters are everywhere.

But are there some foods we can all agree are just plain gross?

That’s what Zippia wanted to know, so the career research hub sought the most hated foods in each state.

The findings show a range of disliked foods, including eggplant, beets, bologna, pickles and more.

Among its “interesting findings,” Zippia notes that “nobody hates cottage cheese, tuna, liver, tomatoes, or peas the most,” despite what some readers might expect.

How did Zippia gather their information?

Its researchers listed nearly 40 “controversial foods” that many people might consider “gross,” and got to work figuring out which states hated those foods using Google Trends data. They did it by seeking out which food a state searches the least:

“The opposite of love isn’t pure hate, it’s indifference– By finding out where people are looking for the least recipes, online food orders and in general have bottom-level search interest in, we could find the food they truly dislike the least.”

So, which food does Georgia hate the most?


And Georgians aren’t alone.

Zippia found that olives are “America’s most hated food,” the report shows.

Fellow olive-haters live in California, New York and Tennessee, among other states.

See the rest of Zippia’s findings here.

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