Falcons Kicker Matt Bryant Cut After Nearly Flawless Season

Falcons Kicker Matt Bryant announced on twitter today that his contract was canceled with the Falcons Organization.

The 44-year-old Falcons kicker was one of the best the teams ever had. He wrote on twitter, "I was informed last night that the team was moving on...Thank you to the fans that stood by my family and I during our time here."


Falcons owner Aurthur Blank called him one of the "greatest Falcon's players of all time". He wrote in statement, “He is the leading scorer in the history of the team with 1,122 points and made countless memorable and game-winning kicks. His reliability and dependability were unmatched and he has been unflappable in pressure-filled moments. Matt has represented our organization and city so well."


Bryant said he's not ready to retire from the NFL... but just in case! I've come up with a list of jobs I think he'd be great at:

  • Dog Pooper Kicker - Clean up your back yard with nothing but a special shoe!
  • UPS Package Delivery -The efficiency at delivering from a distance unmatched
  • Parental Assistant - when your kids need a little boost from behind to get off the video games
  • Ex-Boyfriend Personal Telegram service - For when he won’t stop texting you hurtful things, sometimes a little kick in the A can help
  • Riverdance - I mean the man's high kick is unmatched



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