Unsigned Upcoming Georgia Star Explodes On Tik Tok

Get to know the name Andrew Jannakos. You may have seen him on The Voice, or maybe from the 12 million Tik Tok views but he's on his way to stardom.

Jannakos has had several songs featured on Backyard Country with 94.9 The Bull (Saturdays at 9p) but none of his songs have exploded quite like "Gone Too Soon" which is changing his life.

Jannakos has a shtick on the app Tik Tok, where he sings his songs while cooking. It's gained him a crazy amount of followers, but "Gone Too Soon" took everything to a new level.

It's sitting Top 2 on iTunes right now. It's in between Keith Urban's new song and Luke Comb's latest release. Pretty wild for an unsigned artist from Flowery Branch with no label!

I talked to him on The O Show and was the very first radio show in the country to feature the song. We talk about how Tik Tok has changed the music industry, his feelings about the sudden stardom, and how the song is about dating a single mom.

Check out the song and be prepared to put it on your playlist. It's amazing. Available anywhere you buy music and on Spotify. Plus, listen for it on The OShow, weekdays 3-7pm on 94.9 The Bull, or Saturdays with WB on Backyard Country!