The C word won't stop this wife

When you're 25 years old your dreams consist of little things. A good job, maybe a nice car, and fingers crossed for a place you can call your home without your parents. But, for Tyler and Macy its a different story.

Their story starts all the way back when they were 14 years old. They were high school sweethearts, and just looking at them you could see the flame between them and could tell they were going to be together forever. Fast forward couple years, 9 to be exact.. Tyler did what every man does to the woman he is in love with.. ask her to spend forever with him!

They had a beautiful wedding on May 15, 2016, surround by everyone that loved them and had been touched by the love that these two had put off.  But, a month later something happened. 

"-Prayers for this beautiful daughter of mine! As every little girl dreams of the perfect wedding day, she was the princess that got one! She married her perfect prince May 15, 2016-one month ago today! Unfortunately, we are spending their one month Anniversary processing the news which no newlywed, no mother, no father, no sister, no friend wants to hear. The devastating news that Macy is in a full on fight with leukemia has shook us to the core. She was hastily admitted into Presence Hospital & then transported to Barnes Hospital in St Louis. As we wait for more tests & information, we are devising a ruthless plan to Kick Cancers Butt! For now, we are experiencing all the emotions...tears, laughter, anger, confusion...but MOSTLY faith and optimism!-" - Dena Bickers Slade

Can you imagine? Being just married a month ago to the perfect man and then finding out that you are in a fight with cancer? But, Macy didn't let that stop her.. She fought, really hard, and even better the whole time she fought, a smile never left her face.  

We always hear about a love that goes on and on but most of us never really witness it. Well, Tyler showed what love really means. He never left her side.. no matter what kinda of day it was.. he was there holding her hand and helping her get through it one step at a time.

December 27, 2016 they received a phone call.. Macy was officially cancer free. She was going to be able to start living life again to the fullest! Come back home to Champaign, IL and go back doing hair, and being around her friends and family and start the life her and Tyler could only dream of since the day they said I do.

But then May 10th 2017 they got some news...

"Tyler & I would like to take a moment to thank everyone again for all the love & support during all the difficult times our first year of marriage. We feel beyond blessed to have such an amazing family & community supporting us.

 On Wednesday, May 10th my parents, Tyler & I headed back down to STL for a routine check up at Barnes with my oncologist. Unfortunately our check up didn't end as 'routine' as it began. After some slightly off numbers from my blood work my doctors took a closer look. It's seems the past few months my numbers have been slowly declining.. & my labs from yesterday showed signs of the cancers return. They have determined that my leukemia is back, I have relapsed & it's time to fight again. I was immediately admitted & will begin more treatment tomorrow. We will remain here at Barnes for about a month.. in hopes to achieved remission again. Once I am back in remission they will continue to prep me for a stem-cell transplant. We have a long road ahead & I certainly know this battle will not be an easy one.. but we will keep faith & strength knowing that we have beat this once & can do it again. I will continue to post updates on my caringbridge page & share here too. Just know that I am in good hands & high spirits.-" 

-Macy Lynn-Marie Tester 

These two have been through it all. At the young age of 26, they are fighting through something many people can't even start to wrap their head around. May 15, 2017 they celebrated there one year anniversary.. They couldn't spend it out on town or in comfort of their own home but, instead they spent it in the hospital. 

But that didn't stop them for celebrating the year of marriage they had together. Macy put her wedding dress back on and Tyler found a suit. They danced in the room that Macy will spend the next couple weeks in, to the song that put them back to the day the were married. 

These two show me and the thousand of people they have touched that not only is love still alive but, it's amazing the things you can over come when you have your best friend by your side.



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