The Most Expensive Vintage Toy Ever Is...

The record has been set for the most expensive vintage toy ever. But don't go digging through your closet or attic, you probably don't have one.

It's Boba Fett, you know him from "Star Wars". I'm talking about the original Kenner action figure from 1979...but a special version that was never officially put on the market.

When the prototype for the figure was originally designed, it had a missile that fired from a cannon on its back. But the company decided it could be harmful to kids, so the one they actually sold did NOT fire the missile.

About 100 of the prototypes with the working rocket were thought to have been produced, and around 70 are known to be in the hands of collectors. And one just sold at auction for a record $525,000. 

The previous record for one of these choking-hazard Boba Fetts was $236,000.

The person who just bought this one is actually open to selling it- but his minimum price is $787,500.



(Mental Floss)

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