Amy Shares Personal News About Her Marriage

Amy shared some very personal news on the Bobby Bones Show today. She and her husband, Ben, are getting a divorce.

The decision was not made lightly, they’ve spent the last few years working towards what is most loving for everyone involved and true to the people they’ve become. And most importantly, the well-being of their kids. They went to couples therapy to figure out how to best move forward in this situation, and their top priority through all of it has been learning how to co-parent and show up as the best co-parents possible.  

Amy said she’s very proud of how her family have navigated this situation. She said talking about it isn’t easy, but she feels like now is the right time to share it and put it out there so she can show up authentically as herself in this new chapter of her life.  She said that the reality is you don’t ever really know fully what someone is going through.  

They wouldn’t be where they are in this process without the love and support from their family and friends that have walked along side both of them with no judgment and given encouragement and support, as well as the wisdom and advice from therapists. She said divorce brings up so many complicated feelings and shame being the number one thing. They’ve been working on releasing it and feel like they are both finally there. Her hope in sharing this is that anyone else who is walking through this type of loss will also be able to release any shame they feel about it because you’re not alone in what you’re going through.  

She said it’s been a very hard time, but she finally feels like she’s on the other side and they’ve both come out better people. She’s learned resilience the most through this, and in the end, her and Ben are a team and they have shown up for each other and their family with nothing but love and support.  

Watch Amy share the news in its entirety above.

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