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New Trend Alert: People Are Buying a Second Dishwasher For Their Home

Housewife in rubber gloves getting clean dishes out of dishwasher closeup

Photo: Ivan-balvan / iStock / Getty Images

Here's a First World problem for you: What do you do when you're catching up on the dishes the dishwasher is full and you still have MORE dirty dishes in the sink?

You could do them by hand, but that's WAY too much work so the next-best option is: Install a SECOND dishwasher. That may sound ridiculous, but apparently, more and more people are doing it.

A report asked people who have two dishwashers "WHY?" And they say the benefits include: Having additional room to wash pots and pans having a separate dishwasher for the "kids' stuff"

Having the space to clean up after a dinner party, without doing it in shifts having an overflow space, for "uneven" times, like when you have more cups than plates one day, and more plates and cups on another.

And to always have one that's dedicated to clean dishes, while the other can be for collecting dirty ones.

(Daily Mail)

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