#SchoolSuppliesFor2020 Is Hilariously Trending On Twitter

(photo: Getty Images)

(photo: Getty Images)

Schools across the nation have been back-and-forth about virtual learning vs. in-person learning for the fall. So Twitter came through with some great comic relief on the matter! #MustSee

A pet skunk for social distancing, wine and aspirin for the Mom/teachers, Megaphones for good socializing with friends and more are some examples of hilarious things people are saying they'll need for this Fall's back to #SchoolSuppliesFor2020.

It's for sure not going to be like anything we've experience with this global pandemic. We all go thrown into the virtual learning out of nowhere last March, now it's gonna be even more confusing and stressful as the kids, parents, and teachers try to figure out this "new normal" school environment. It's not just pencils, notebooks, and locker decor this year.

Check out some funny ideas other people have come up with on this Twitter hashtag! Love this!