Joe Exotic's New Underwear Line Sells Out In Hours

Carol Baskin may be Dancing With The Stars, but Joe Exotic is cradling people's manhood and making bank from it. New Tiger King Underwear

Exotic released a clothing line a few months ago from prison called "Revenge". It's a collaboration with a company called Odaingerous. Now they just drop a boxer brief's line Labor Day and it sold out within hours, according to TMZ.

I mean it only seems fitting for the man who had 3 husbands at a time. He should know better than anyone how to cradle manhood the proper way.

Odaingerous boxer brief's made over $50,000 in sales in just hours once they revealed the online release. The most popular, of course,..... the ode to Carol Baskin. The limited edition "Casket Baskin" boxer brief features a bloody ice cream cone with "Casket Baskin" on the cone in the style of Baskin Robbins.

This isn't the first time Joe has put out an underwear line. It is the most successful run to date though.