Woman Gets 2 Years In Prison For Chopping Off Her Hand



The plan to chop off her hand to claim $1.6 million in insurance... was pretty poorly executed. #OUCH #MoronMonday

22-year-old Julija Adlesic, a Slovaian woman, let her boyfriend talk her into the most painful idea to cash grab over a million bucks. The idea was, we "accidentally" chop your hand off with a circular saw when doing "work in the yard", and then, claim all the accidental dismemberment money. There where some major holes in the plan.

Police where baffled about why the couple didn't bring the hand to the hospital when they rushed to the ER. They had to go hunt it down, and thankfully in time to re-attached it. Secondly, they noticed 5 insurance claims taken out RECENTLY (red flag). Lastly, they found searches for prosthetic limbs on the boyfriends computer, BEFORE the accident even occurred.

Adlesic never changed her story, that it was all an accident, but the judge wasn't buying it. She got over 2 years in prison and her boyfriend just over 3 years. Not to mention how much bail costed them..... and arm and a leg!

How drunk did he have to get her one night, to be like, "You know what we should do?.... Chop your hand off for money!" And then HER GO ALONG WITH IT!!!!